It’s the stories we tell ourselves

This post is more than a year old. The information, claims or views in this post may be out of date.

I’ve been blogging more or less since 2007. At first I thought it was really cool that you could run a website with a CMS, and publish whatever nonsense you wanted on the internet.

Then social media started getting cool. I still remember when Twitter started becoming a thing in South Africa – I was one of the first 300 or so people to sign up. The group was small enough that we could maintain a manually-edited wiki page with all our handles.

Boy, did it blow up fast. But I digress.

In my blogging, I’ve never had much of a particular focus. My posts were a bit of a mess, ranging from technical tips to sociopolitical commentary, to silly videos. At no point was I really invested in building a particular narrative – or telling a particular story.

Thing is, I LOVE stories. Stories are the thing I can talk about forever, in almost any context. Each of us sees the world differently, and each of us has a story to tell.

I never thought my own story would be particularly interesting – I mean, who wants to voyeuristically peer into the life of a total stranger on the internet?

(Quite a few people, come to think of it, but I digress. Again.)

What I did think would be better, though, would be collecting and sharing the stories that I thought were really clever, and/or inspiring.

Stories are what shape everything around us. Cultures, religions, companies, brands – they’re all stories. Narratives built and refined over time, handed down from generation to generation, diffused through society.

What’s new in 2016 is the ability for everyone to tell their story to everyone else. I don’t think we’ve quite figured out yet – as a species – how to deal with the internet, but over time this too will all become a story. Hopefully, not a cautionary one.

So what I’m going to try this time around is identifying, sharing, dissecting and analyzing stories. I have a particular fondness for fantasy and sci-fi, and will probably start there.

I’m hoping to accomplish two things with this. First, to write more (doh), and secondly, to revisit all the stories that impacted me, personally, over the course of life so far.

Maybe a few years into this, I’ll be better equipped to start telling stronger stories of my own, but I’m not shooting for the moon just yet 🙂

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Wogan May

By day, I run a software development agency focused on business tools, process optimization, data integration and automation. By night, I build tools and platforms that serve online creators.

3 thoughts on “It’s the stories we tell ourselves”

    1. Thanks for the link!

      I’m aware of both 🙂 I first came across the Hero’s Journey when someone started comparing Harry Potter to Star Wars, and then Eragon, showing how the plots had a lot of overlapping elements. I’ve since learned a lot about different story structures, and the rationale behind them.

      TV Tropes might be addictive, but to me it’s nowhere near the sheer perfection that is the SCP Wiki:


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