The perfect being the enemy of the good, I decided this year that I’d go for consistent blog posts over “good” blog posts. Sometimes, a post on this blog will mostly just be a link + some context. Like this one 🙂

There’s a very cool community project on the ZA Tech Slack, with members doing detailed write-ups of their setups, and it’s called

I think it makes for fascinating reading (and not just because I did one!). “Behind the scenes” looks are always interesting to me, and I’ve picked up more than a few tips by reading through the rationale of other developers.

I ended up agreeing to contribute one of my own to the site: wemakewith/woganmay. It maps out pretty much everything – where I live and why, my workspace, the subscription services I use, the lot. It’s already a little out of date, since I’ve reorganized my desks for the new year:

Software dev or air traffic control? Who knows!

But it’s mostly accurate, and the other profiles are worth a read too. Nic (the owner of the site) is looking for more contributions, which can be made directly on the repo powering the site (wemakewith/data) – just follow the contribution instructions.

If you do put one of these up, let me know! I’d love to read it 🙂