12 months in 60 seconds

It’s been just over a year since I last wrote a post for this blog – quite a surreal realization to have. It’s amazing how much time you can lose when you don’t have a day-to-day structure that creates space for stuff like this.

Over the last few months its become clear that I need to spend more time writing – with the data and experiences I’ve accumulated, the best thing I can do with it is to share it out more regularly. Subscription tools have also come a long way in the last 12 months, and I’m considering starting a paid email subscription offering.

Before I can do that, though, I need to actually re-discover and refine my ability to write on schedule. It turns out I have no shortage of things to say, I just tend not to find the right moment to say them (or consider them important enough to say).

To that end, I put out a call to my audience on Twitter (which I barely use anymore) and they came back with about 20+ topics and questions I’m in a position to cover:

Based on that, I think I’ve got a bunch of content worth producing. Before I get to it though, I wanted to briefly close the gap between my last post (“2019+“) and right now. Since I wrote that:

  • The global COVID-19 pandemic happened.
  • For the first time since living with my parents, I moved back into a non-apartment building. It was actually quite a realization that, between 2008 and 2020, I had spent all 12 years in various apartment blocks around Cape Town.
  • My business has grown from just me, to 4 people total. We’re still doing roughly what I was doing a year ago, but now that there are more of us on it – the possibilities for future growth are a lot greater.
  • I’ve undergone something of a transformation in the last 6 months. The responsibility of building a business from the ground up has forced me to adapt in ways I wasn’t expecting.
  • As I write this, we’ll end this September having prototyped an entirely new done-for-you service in the digital marketing space, which I think is pretty exciting. Doing something fun that a customer pays you for = winning.
  • The reality of running a business (and having to lead and direct a team) has focused me in a way I’m very grateful for.

I think those are the most noteworthy developments. The next few months present challenges all of their own, but I definitely feel more equipped to handle them now, than I did when I wrote the last post on this blog!

Published by

Wogan May

By day, I run a software development agency focused on business tools, process optimization, data integration and automation. By night, I build tools and platforms that serve online creators.

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